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About Today’s Guest:

Donleigh Gaunky is a veteran of the Iraq war, having deployed there twice.  Utilyzing his skills as a former army intelligence analyst and as a political scientist, Donleigh has spent the last decade trying to understand and address the complex issue that has plagued the veterans community for over a generation, the issue of veterans suicide.  Donleigh is also a Gold Star Sibling, and, when not trying to address the veteran suicide crisis, spends significant time trying to help other survivors of military service loss.  He presently lives in western Wisconsin.

In this Episode, you will learn:

  • Donleigh’s background and experience
  • Researching suicide from a personal perspective
  • Common misconceptions about suicide numbers and rates
  • Challenging assumptions that suicide is tied to combat
  • Policy changes related to suicide
  • Cross-generational and multi-conflict impact on suicide
  • Putting context to suicide awareness
  • Donleigh’s upcoming book

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Donleigh’s book:

Donleigh’s TEDx Talk

Donleigh on Social Media:



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Duane France

Duane K. L. France is a combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a mental health counselor practicing in the state of Colorado. Do you want to join the conversation regarding veteran mental health? Share, like, and comment. Read Duane's previous posts and follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Keep the conversation about #veteranmentalhealth going.