HST114 Jacob Toups – Merging Vets and Players


Jacob brings to MVP years of experience in the nonprofit management space, with a background in program management, development, and director roles.  He recently worked as the Los Angeles City Director at Up2Us Sports, where he grew the organization’s program, and development, and efficiencies.  In his previous role, he also launched the first mentoring program in Los Angeles recruiting and placing military veterans as sports coaches for underserved youth. He is passionate about building and strengthening communities. Jacob believes that relationships and mentors are essential to human development. He serves as an Emerging Leaders Board Member for United Way and enjoys volunteering his time. Jacob is looking forward to empowering veterans and former players in reaching their next potential.

In this Episode, you will learn:

  • Jacob’s background and experience
  • Teaching veterans to coach youth sports after their military career
  • Veterans continuing to serve while in the community
  • Similarities between professional sports and military service
    • Structure
    • Mentorship
    • Physical activity
    • Transitions
  • Physical and psychological transitions
  • What to expect from an MVP session
    • Consistency
    • Sense of safety
    • Gaining skills and developing competence
    • “The Huddle”
  • Combining physical exercise and mental health in the same session
  • The future growth of MVP

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Merging Vets and Players Website

Jacob’s email: JToups@vetsandplayers.org

MVP on Social Media:





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