Book Announcement: Military in the Rear View Mirror

On January 1st, 2020, the third Head Space and Timing Book, Military in the Rear View Mirror, will be released on Amazon.

Along with Head Space and Timing, and Combat Vet Don’t Mean Crazy, Military in the Rear View Mirror is a compilation of articles focusing on veteran mental health and wellness in post-military life. Written from the perspective of a combat veteran and a clinical mental health counselor, the goal of the book is to help bring awareness of the psychological transformation needed once a service member leaves the service.

The book is arranged in four sections:

  • Honest Discussions About Veteran Suicide: a brief look at a topic of critical importance to former service members of all eras and all ages
  • Who We Were: The Past Impacting the Present: the consideration of how a veteran’s service has impacted them, positively and negatively
  • Who We Are: Transformation and Change: A discussion of the changes that need to be made in order to successfully transition from service member to veteran
  • Who We Will Become: Moving Forward in Post-Military Life: A look at the possibilities of the future, when a transformation has been made.

Military in the Rear View Mirror is for those service members and veterans who want to get a better understanding of their own transition out of the military, for those family members who want to learn more about their loved one’s service and how to help them, and for those who have dedicated themselves to helping service members live the best post-military life possible.

Enjoy this short preview of the book and keep an eye out for further announcements. You can follow my Amazon author page for new release information and be notified when the book is published.



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  1. If Duane France’s first two titles any indication, then Military in the Rear View Mirror will be the book we both need and want, be you a veteran or one who cares about those who raised the right hand, including clinicians facilitating better transitions for proud holders of the DD-214.

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