Hello! Thanks for your interest in being a guest on the Head Space and Timing Podcast. On this show, we’re trying to change the way that we, as a community, think and talk about veteran mental health.

The target audiences for the show are:

  • Service members and veterans
  • Family members of service members and veterans
  • Those who support veterans in the community, such as mental health professionals, case managers, service providers, and others.

We’ve had a wide range of guests, from mental health professionals, veterans, family members, and organizations that support mental health and wellness in the military community. We’re looking for service members and veterans, family members, and those who have knowledge about veteran mental health to share. Think that you have nothing to offer? Not true!

Past and future guests include:

-Dr. Anthony Hassan, Cohen Veterans Network

-Kacie Kelly, the George Bush Institute Warrior Wellness Alliance

-Terri Tanielian, Rand

-Marjorie Morrison, PsychArmor and PsycHub

-Shira Maguen, nationally recognized expert on Moral Injury

-Sebastian Junger, author of “Tribe”

-Bryan Doerries, the Theater of War project

If you are interested in joining these great guests, please fill out the information below:

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