HST040: Spirituality, Women Veterans, and Transition with Dannette Patterson


Dannette Patterson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and military spouse. She holds a Doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision from Argosy University–Atlanta, in Georgia. She currently provides counseling services to the military community. Her research interests include cultural awareness, military concerns, religion and spiritualty, and counseling supervision practices.

Dannette’s Doctoral dissertation looked at the impact of religion and spirituality on the transition of women veterans. She is the lead author of the article, Integrating Religion/Spirituality: An Effective Treatment Modality for Veteran Women Post Trauma, found in the Journal of Military and Government Counseling

In This Particular Episode You Will Learn:

  • Dannette’s background and professional experience
  • The point of view of a military spouse supporting service members and veterans with mental health
  • The Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC) program and the support for active duty service members
  • The impact of religion and spirituality on the reintegration needs of women veterans
  • The need to develop more research regarding women veterans and transition
  • Findings of Dannette’s research:
    • As women veterans scored higher on spirituality, but not on religiosity, their transitions were more difficult
    • As women scored higher on religiosity, and not spirituality, their transitions were easier
  • How working with a faith leader can benefit mental health professionals working to support veteran mental health
  • The need for mental health professionals to be aware of their own attitudes towards religion, spirituality, and other sensitive subjects, but not allow it to overshadow the veteran’s needs

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Dannette’s LinkedIn Profile

The Military to Civilian Questionnaire

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