HST034: Needs Fulfillment with Eddie Lazzari

This is the 10th episode of the Veteran Mental Health Boot Camp, a series of podcasts that is looking at all aspects of Veteran Mental Health. Check out the first episode and all episodes as they’re released by going here


Former US Army Non-Commissioned Officer with 10-years active duty service. Eddie was a Sr. Squad Leader in support of OIFII from ‘04-’05 in Baghdad Iraq and is now a proud Veteran.

Eddie is dedicated to helping veterans become just as successful out of uniform, as they were when they were in! Founder and Co-Host of Change Your POV Podcast Network, Father, Husband, Coach and Mentor. Eddie firmly stands on the belief that Perspective Is The Vantage Point Of Success! Eddie holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, is the creator of 7DayResume.com, speaker, author, and suffers from “Shiney Object Syndrome”!


  • Eddie’s transition story
  • How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fits with Eddie’s experience
  • Eddie’s navigation of Maslow’s Hierarchy during transition
  • Eddie’s development of the Veterans Hierarchy of Needs
  • The correspondence between the Veterans Hierarchy of Needs and Maslow’s Hierarchy


CYPOV Episode 176 with Justine Evirs: http://changeyourpov.com/episode176

Veterans Hierarchy Of Needs (Free Download)

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