HST033: Moral Injury with Dr. Joseph Currier

This is the 9th episode of the Veteran Mental Health Boot Camp, a series of podcasts that is looking at all aspects of Veteran Mental Health. Check out the first episode and all episodes as they’re released by going here 


Dr. Currier’s Research Interests:
  • Applied Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • Trauma and Loss
  • Moral Injury
  • Help-Seeking and Stigma
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Military Veterans
  • Psychotherapy
Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Psychology Dr. Currier’s Trauma Reactions and Interpersonal Loss (TRAIL) Group is committed to understanding both the etiology of PTSD and other trauma- and loss-related problems, as well as how people achieve restoration and often paradoxically grow in these contexts. Drawing on a variety of scientific methodologies, the TRAIL Group strives to conduct clinically-meaningful and integrative research that appreciates psychological, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of coping with potentially traumatic events (e.g., military combat, community violence, serious illness) and bereavement. Looking ahead, we are ultimately interested in disseminating our findings and enhancing clinical practices with individuals and families struggling to overcome challenges associated with these types of experiences


  • Dr. Currier’s background in Veteran Mental Health
  • Description of Moral Injury:
    • Moral injuries as leadership betrayal and costs of moral wrongdoing
    • Moral injury as personal betrayal
    • Moral injury as an inability to regulate negative beliefs about behavior
  • Examples of events that cause moral injury
  • Impact of the meaning that we place on events
  • Veterans want to take responsibility for their actions
  • Veterans working in a different moral system when they return from combat
  • Differences between moral injury and PTSD
  • Assessment of moral injury


Dr. Currier’s contact information 

Community-Based veteran mental health program in Alabama

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