HST 012 6 Signs That Things are Spinning Out Of Control


There is one barrier to seeking mental health treatment that veterans seem to face. That barrier is often the one that is most difficult to overcome. It’s the barrier inside each of us, the internal stigma against seeking treatment. The whole “suck it up and drive on” mentality. The “I can handle this” mindset that binds us until we can’t handle it any more. So here are six warning signs that things are getting out of control.

In this episode, Duane talks about six things that he has seen in veterans that he works with that indicate that things are spinning out of control. If any of these things, or most of these things, are present in you or veterans in your network, find a mental health professional to talk to!


Six signs that things are spinning out of control:

1. You just don’t give a crap anymore (about things you used to enjoy).

2. You just don’t give a crap anymore (about life in general).

3. You give too much of a crap about things (little things become huge).

4. Something in your life has more control over you than you have over it (like substance abuse).

5. Something in you has more control over you than you have over it (like emotions).

6. Someone else brings it to your attention (like a friend, family member…or the cops).


Head Space and Timing Blog Post: 6 Signs that Things are Spinning Out of Control for Veterans

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