HST 007: Veteran Mental Health and Substance Abuse with Marc Scroggins


In this episode, Duane sits down and talks to Veteran and Clinical Mental Health Counselor Marc Scroggins about his military experience and his path towards becoming a clinical mental health and substance abuse counselor.

Marc shares his personal journey regarding mental health, and his thoughts on how veterans should approach those challenges in post-military life that they may be experiencing.


  •  The inherent danger in the military
  • Substance abuse and post-military life
  • Substance abuse separate from PTSD and TBI
  • Veteran coming to grips with their internal self
  • Lack of awareness that leads to our altered state
  • Altered substance abuse-induced state often leads to incarceration
  • Habit, avoiding pain, and going through addiction rather than around it
  • The difficulty of veterans looking at themselves as “less than” because of the “expertiseism” of the military
  • The benefit of purpose on recovery
  • Four categories to consider why a veteran is not willing or able to reach out for help with a mental health professional


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