HST 004: Accessing Mental Health Services with Jeff Adamec


Jeff Adamec is a Special Forces veteran and host of the Changing Hearts and Minds show on the Change Your POV Podcast Network. On this show, Duane and Jeff talk about the Jeff’s experiences in accessing clinical mental health counseling services both during and after his time in the Army.


Discussions on the nature of resilience and background and their implication on military service

On the nature of motivation and service in the military mindset

Stigma against “admitting weakness” or seeking support for mental health counseling, both in the Special Operations community and the military in general

Jeff’s experience with seeking support for mental health counseling while on Active Duty

Physical changes in the brain that result from PTSD


Cutting Through the Crap: Jeff’s Article about PTSD

Cognitive Impairment and the Neurological Basis for PTSD

Changing Hearts and Minds Podcast

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1 thought on “HST 004: Accessing Mental Health Services with Jeff Adamec

  1. This was a very relevant and courageous sharing from two people who found their courage to challenging their own issues and paradigms. From such stories we can all look at our own paradigms (and the systems we belong to) in new and different ways. As a professional counselor I found this interview to be very insightful and helpful in better understanding a more personal view of PTSD. Thank you.

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